"Service with heart, escort with love."- the group conducts
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          In order to further improve the level of after-sales service, to meet consumer demand in the use of products in the after-sales service.Lida group will hold a two-day national dealer after-sales service training meeting from June 28 to 29 at the group headquarters.Dealers from all over the country from the after-sales service personnel gathered at the group headquarters "to learn", we do not fear the heat, learning enthusiasm, successfully completed the training.

         The group, together with brand accessories suppliers and well-known training instructors, conducts training in service, technology, energy saving and other aspects.During this period, students will be arranged to visit the workshop for practice, combining theory with practice.In order to verify the training effect, closed-book examination and questionnaire survey were organized to effectively understand the students' learning situation and course effect.

         Group leader jin rongyu, vice President of the company on behalf of the stage speech, explained the significance of the training, I wish the training a complete success.In the following training course, song zhanming, an engineer of the group, imparts basic knowledge of compressor and energy-saving technology to the trainees.Zhao qingke, manager of production and technology department, analyzed the common problems and solutions of air compressor in a simple way.Well-known training lecturers vividly explained the service concept of "promoting enterprise value through service", focusing on inculcating the spirit of bearing social responsibility and serving the society to serve every powerful customer, and always putting customer demands in the first place in daily affairs;Engineer of brand parts supplier analyzes the causes and solutions of the common problems of compressor parts


         In order to improve the training effect, the group organized the trainees workshop to visit and study, and the workshop technicians explained the details of some operations in detail, and answered the questions raised by the trainees on the site in detail. During the interaction, the trainees had a deeper understanding of compressor knowledge.During this period, all the students will take the exam, and the students with excellent scores will get the certificates and prizes issued by lida group.

        Finally, all the students took a group photo in front of the group headquarters building to celebrate the completion of two days of intensive after-sales service course learning, and everyone gained knowledge and joy at the same time!